Doomsday chronicles the adventures of a self-ordained faith healer and curmudgeonly ex-programmer navigating the last few days on earth. One believes she needs to save 10 more people before the world ends whilst the other is seeking salvation of her own. Ultimately what they both need is someone to connect to... Doomsday explores our insatiable hunger for energy, the importance of information, 

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Set in the not-too-distant future. A world that looks familiar but marked with signs of decayed nostalgia, the harsh effects of climate change and a loss of order and civic behaviour. You get the sense of the brutality of a young totalitarian regime. 

Every twenty or thirty blocks you’ll come across a queue of people waiting for their weekly Food Block rationing. There are strange forms of vegetation growing in places it naturally wouldn't...a rusty old sign that reads 'Pussy Police Off Duty- Enter at Your Own Risk'... few signs of animal life except for an unfamiliar creature wandering around every now and again. 

For the last four years there has been a series of massive global power failures which led to the rise of The Government*. In order to deal with the energy crisis, The Government decided the only solution was to take over complete control of how people use energy. It  first decided to halt all animal and vegetable agriculture in favour of the energy efficient Food Block (a synthetic block made from lab made proteins which allegedly supplies people with all essential nutrients for survival) production. Each household is allowed one lamp which they can keep on for 6 hours a day and are allotted a specific window of time where they have access to running water. Electricity is allowed only to continue to help society on the most basic level (pumping water, some street lamps, etc). Beyond that everyone gets 60 minutes of 'other' energy use per day. They can decide how to spend these 60 minutes however they like. All travel has been 'temporarily' banned.

This so-called Government is more like a corporate conglomerate grown from a former kid media mogul. It has bought up pretty much all services available to people. It controls food production, housing and water and energy supplies. There is only one news organisation allowed and it’s owned and operated by The Government- News Org.

Due to the state of things many black markets have sprung up. There are a few underground shops where people can purchase ‘real food.’  There’s an underground printed press- a so called free news source free from The Government’s influence. Everyone trades in energy- a portable phone charger would buy you a fair amount of frozen pizzas. Some might choose to spend their 60 minutes a day enjoying their favourite frozen snacks from a time that seems long ago...

The crisis has had a different effect on people. In the past year some people turned to religion seeking some sort of hope, others turned to extreme forms of activisism-believing it's all one big conspiracy set up by the super elite to control what's left of the planet's energy for themselves whilst the rest of civilisation slowly burns out. There have been extreme groups or what some may consider cults popping up. Like the 'Hole Heads' who piece holes into their skulls hoping they will find some answers or solutions.

More about The Government and the control they have on the lives of the people. What are people's daily lives like? 

Talk about how energy has become a commodity. Something people now trade in. Also underground energy bunkers, etc...

Stuff about AI enhancement and the importance of that in this world. 


As soon as The Government announces that the world can no longer sustain itself and there will be a complete shutdown of all energy in 10 days-  a countdown clock for the end of the world appears on the top of everyone’s devices (like where on an iPhone you would normally see the time and date). If there was any semblance of order before there definitely isn’t now. People wander the streets in a zombie-like state-  desperately searching the black holes of their phone screens for answers. 

The Government also announces there will be no more Food Block distribution and instead people can pick up their free Escape Pill to help them leave this world peacefully and quickly. 

Our series opens with The Announcement being made. Each subsequent episode is a countdown day to the end of the world. We watch as the world starts to shut down completely- the lights literally going out and explore what people do to survive, to cope, in a world that is due to end soon...