Episode 2 - 'nine'

Gen knocks on a door and whispers a password through a slot. They meet a group of activist programmers who are trying to hack and stop The Government via their make-shift generated computer lab. They are convinced an alternative energy source is out there but is being hidden and saved for an elite few who will go on living in luxury after the masses have been weeded out. We learn that Avery is a genius programmer and garner snippets from her past as a Mindstyle Designer. Gen finds the individual she needs to save as he is about to take the Escape Pill. She instills hope in him and convinces him to continue with his mission. Gen catches Avery pocketing a bunch of the activist's batteries, though before she can stop her Avery runs off. Gen searches the streets and instinctively approaches another door.

Episode 3 - 'eight'

The door opens to a run-down art deco opium-style den.  Gen finds Avery trading the batteries for a bag of Twinkle Dust but is too late to stop her from getting high. Waiting for Avery to awake from her stupor, Gen explores the den to find her next mission. The tattooed brute from Episode 1 is bullying a bunch of addicts, taking advantage of them in their impaired state. Gen puts him in a headlock and coerces him to do some soul-searching - he cries for the first time in decades as he is forced to face the reasons for his bullish behaviour in his own past. As Avery awakes she sees Gen wiping the guy's tears and finds it in her heart to agree to accompany Gen on her next mission. They are hungry and hankering for some 'real' food... Avery takes Gen to an iron door.

Episode 4 - 'seven'

Gen and Avery arrive at a black market where hydroponically grown vegetables are for sale in exchange for power sources. We get a sense of the imminent power cut as even the black market is running out of food.  Avery has a handful of batteries left which they trade for some lettuce leaves and cucumbers. For them this is a feast of the senses after living off the Food Blocks for months on end. A power cut and complete darkness causes a panic attack in Gen who is thrown back into her childhood experience in the bunker. A riot breaks out. This time it's Avery's street smarts that gets them out of trouble and they hide in an abandoned staircase.