EPISODE 1 - 'ten'


We open on a wide empty shot of an industrial street. The street shows signs of dystopian decay, little evidence of natural life, discarded technology and repurposed analog devices and a rusty old sign that reads 'Pussy Police Off Duty- Enter at Your Own Risk'. 

Gen finishes up painting a sandwich board that reads “Free Soul Saving- Get Yours Today” before rushing out the door. Cut to a dingy art deco style opium den to find Avery inhaling from a bong like device full of glittery smoke. As she leans her head back to fall into the most beautiful lucid dream, a giant man with a tattooed head shakes her violently and tells her she needs to get out and not show her face there again unless she has 20 batteries to trade.

Gen walks down the street wearing the sandwich board shouting “Don’t let this End be Your End” as people pass her on the street staring blankly at phones with blank screens. She approaches a homeless guy who short circuits mid-sentence - he must have been one of the AI's.

Avery glides down the street in a stupor cursing at everything in sight. She takes a drink from a puddle on the street.  A cat falls from the sky and hits Avery on the head just as she and Gen collide into one another. 

Avery wakes up in Gen’s tiny squat, decorated to look like a church on an acid trip - full of crazy brightly coloured religious paraphernalia. She’s built a pulpit out of cardboard and spray painted it gold. There are plastic snakes hanging from every corner and her bed has a dirty blanket with a cross embroidered on it.

As Avery starts to come to we hear a radio report (via a hand cranked radio) that the last generator has failed and The Government will no longer be able to supply Food Blocks. They also announce that over the next 10 days they will be winding down all power and advise everyone to say their goodbyes and pick up an Escape Pill.

Everyone’s device will automatically be programmed with a countdown clock so they can manage their time accordingly. Electricity usage will now be limited from 60 to 30 minutes a day and will gradually decrease until the last day. 

Avery tries to escape Gen's apartment once she realises this isn't one of her lucid dreams. She refuses to believe the radio report and Gen seems completely insane. Gen begs her to stay and says that she can actually help save her. She explains that if she saves 10 more people before the world ends a magic portal will open up and take them into a better dimension. Avery thinks this is all nuts but when Gen mentions Avery needing to find forgiveness from a person whose head she has tampered with, Avery is intrigued and decides to stick around for a little while longer. 

The world outside goes into complete chaos. We can hear the sounds of riots breaking out from inside Gen’s apartment.

Gen shows Avery the chart on her wall which is marked with various symbols and links between locations and explains her plan to save the last 9 people. Avery is skeptical and shuts down Gen’s theories. Gen brushes it off with her annoyingly positive and optimistic responses.

Gen needs to visit places where people have given up hope - gambling dens, boozers, places people go to forget the state of things and which the positive sides of humanity have long deserted. She references her book 'Marla Goes to Mars' as a sort of bible which contains clues to help her find the people she needs to save.

Knowing there are only 9 days left, Gen convinces Avery to head out on the first mission. Avery tags along with the hopes of finding more Twinkle Dust to score or batteries to trade. They make their way up a derelict staircase and Gen knocks on a door. The episode ends.




The rest of the series follows Gen and Avery as they try to track down the people on Gen’s list. Through each episode we learn more about their back stories along with how the world came to be whilst also watching it slowly deteriorate. In every subsequent episode our heroines need to cope with less and less power and more and more anxiety whilst their personalities at times clash and others propel each other.