EPISODE 1 - 'ten'


A series of  dystopian streets with propaganda posters about energy usage and people in varying states of hopelessness.

An electronic device is alive with the blood of energy. It fades to a dead version of itself.


Gen, 20s, an ethereal punk, finishes painting a sandwich board that reads “Free Soul Saving- Get Yours Today” before rushing out the door.

Avery, 30s, a steely exterior shielding a vulnerable intelligence, inhales a bong full of glittery smoke. She falls back into the dirty velvet pillows of a 2020’s opium style parlour, and closes her eyes as we transcend into her vivid dream…

We catch an intimate glimpse of Avery’s life before the CME hit. Avery is torn from her dream by a giant man with a tattooed head who tells her not show her face there again unless she has 200 batteries to trade.

Gen makes several ill-fated attempts at offering her services to people she encounters on the streets. Her final attempt is a homeless man who can’t form a coherent sentence. It becomes clear to her he must have been one of the neglected AI’s when he shuts down.

Avery and Gen collide into one another. Just as Avery stumbles back a cat falls from the sky and hits her on the head.

Gen searches for her first aid kit when she comes across an old flier for a music gig- ’The Spirit Animals’. She’s transported back in time as she reaches to pick it up.

We get a quick peak into Gen’s life growing up in the bunker.

Avery wakes up in Gen’s tiny apartment which looks like a sci-fi church on an acid trip. She’s convinced Gen must have been another drugged out hook up and as she’s about to leave there’s a loud banging on the door and sounds of chaos breaking out on the streets.

We hear a Government report (via a hand cranked radio) that the last generator has failed and The Government will no longer be able to supply Food Blocks. They announce that over the next 10 days they will be winding down all power and advise everyone to say their goodbyes and pick up a free Escape Pill.

Avery, skeptical, tries to leave Gen’s apartment but notices some batteries she could steal underneath Gen’s bed. Gen explains her plan to open the portal to a better dimension. Avery is only half listening until something Gen says connects her to a personal past memory.

Knowing there are only 10 days left, Gen needs to finish her mission before it’s too late. As she heads for the door she asks Avery if she’s coming with her.

We hear a door open and close. A countdown starts from 10D 24H 00M 00S.



The rest of the series follows Gen and Avery as they try to save the last 10 people. Through each episode we learn more about their back stories along with how the world came to be whilst also watching it slowly deteriorate. In every subsequent episode our heroines need to cope with less and less power and more and more anxiety whilst their personalities at times clash and other times propel one another.