As our two heroines are thrown together to navigate the impending apocalypse, they encounter an eclectic selection of other characters in each episode.

gen pic.png

GEN, 20's, an ethereal punk, a self ordained faith healer

Fearful of an impending AI apocalypse, Gen’s father, a former big wig tech exec, decided to raise Gen underground to keep her safe from machine learning overlords.

Below the Earth’s surface, Gen learned to grow hydroponic vegetables, defend herself with a bow and arrow and educate herself on all things physics, multiverses and space/time theorem. She also had a soft spot for science fiction novels. Most importantly she grew up without an inbuilt sense of fear and insecurity instilled by growing up in social media infused society.

One day whilst reading H.G. Wells’ ‘Men Like Gods’ for the tenth time it suddenly clicked... there must be a dimension out there better than this one. She knew she had to be the one to access it. After piecing together various facts from her considerable library, Gen figured out how she could reach it.

The desire to reach this dimension became an obsession, a religion, her life’s cause. She created her own bible and a set of tenets to live by.

One day when a flier for a music gig dropped through an opening in her bunker she took it as a sign. Now was the time to escape and start her mission.

There’s something special about Gen, something almost mystical that makes you believe, even a little, that there’s something else out there...


AVERY, 30's, a bitter but brilliant former Mindstyle Designer

Avery is a ‘head’ person, believing every problem can be solved rationally. This comes at the cost of allowing herself to feel hurt, disappointment or other emotions that make her feel out-of-control. She has a tendency to bottle up feelings until she explodes. She also believes there is a solution to the energy crisis but The Government is hiding it. 

A brilliant programmer, she used to work as a Mindstyle Designer - a company owned by Todd Harris which started offering AI enhancements for humans ten years ago. The process involved implanting a nanochip into a person’s skull, allowing their brain to learn and grow beyond its natural capability by accessing a vast central server. Mindstyle Corp's programmers filtered & curated the vast information stream depending on client, constantly looking to improve their capabilities which also gave them access to their overall brain functions.

After ‘the love of her life’ Eloy dumped her two years ago, embittered Avery hacked his nanochip, thus presumably disabling his breakthrough energy research and plunging him back into manic-depression. After her late-night trespass is discovered by Mindstyle security she loses her access and can't undo the bug and is convinced she has permanently messed up his life.

She’s completely shut down emotionally and has detached herself from the disintegrating world. She's also succumbed to an addiction to Twinkle Dust… a new and highly addictive Escapist drug. She lives alone on a canal boat and when she’s not smoking Twinkle Dust she’s drinking homemade booze she fashions in pickle jars. 

Though she won’t admit it openly, Avery's main drive aside from dulling the pain through drugs, is to find Eloy and ask for forgiveness. Though her fear of finding the truth paralyses her.


ELOY, 30's, a manic-depressive physicist and nanochip wearer

Eloy is a physicist specialising in fusion energy. Convinced that he was on the path of discovering a clean and infinite energy source, the two hurdles he needed to overcome were the slow progress of accessing and digesting the vast amount of research done in this field and the bouts of depression that would render him incapable to work for months on end.

He turns to Mindstyle Corp to have a newly developed nanochip implant that promises to solve both his dilemmas. The procedure is successful and his project makes promising process.

Around that time he meets Avery and deeply falls for her independent spirit. Their relationship lasts two years, during which they witness the CME, making his research more urgent than ever. Conflicts arising mainly from his habitual insecurity about his mental stability, eventhough the nanochip has levelled him out, and her jealousy for the passion he has for his work. When Eloy discovers that Avery works for Mindstyle and has orchestrated their initial meeting without telling him, he breaks up with her, questioning the independence of his mind & decisions.

Since Avery has tampered with his nanochip function in a rage, he hasn't been seen or heard from.