As our two heroines navigate the impending apocalypse, they encounter an eclectic selection of other characters in each episode - gaining insight into how different people are coping with the news and challenging their own views...

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GEN, 20's, a self ordained faith healer

Gen left home when she was 16. Her parents were overbearing and overprotective. They were so fearful of the outside world they made her live underground in a bunker sheltered from any dangerous external influence. She was only ever allowed to read from the same few books. Bored and lonely as a child she always felt something within herself, that she had a greater calling in life. She knew there had to be something more to this world than her four irons walls.

One day when we was in her bunker a leaflet for a music gig fell through a crack in the doorway. Entranced by the colourful pictures and the thought that there was something greater out there she took it as a sign. The next day she ran away from home and met the lead singer in the band and fell in love. He was part of the Hippy Happy Faith Healers who believe that if they save enough people a magical portal will open to a better dimension. This guy and his beliefs gave her a sense of purpose in what otherwise felt like a purposeless world.

She eventually broke up with the guy but carried on with her mission to save people. She now lives alone in a small squat. Her tiny apartment is messy and cluttered with tacky religious paraphernalia- testamints (religious mints), plastic icons, neon candles in various states of melted-ness, a blanket with a cross embroidered on it draped over her small bed. In one corner there's a makeshift pulpit she's fashioned out of cardboard and gold spray paint. On another wall there's a chart indicating how many people she needs to save before the world ends (yes she believes the end is nigh). It’s an intricate mess, something you would see on the walls in a detective’s office trying to link an entire crime syndicate.

There’s something special about Gen, something almost mystical that makes you believe, even a little, that there’s something else out there...



AVERY, 30's, a curmodgeongly but brilliant former Mindstyle Designer

Avery is a ‘head’ person, believing every problem can be solved rationally and at the cost of allowing herself to feel hurt or disappointment or other emotions that make her feel out-of-control she has a tendency to bottle things up until she explodes. She also believes that the entire power outage theory is a conspiracy made up by The Government to keep the last remaining energy supplies for the elite and super wealthy whilst the rest of civilisation burns out.

A brilliant programmer, she used to work as a *Mindstyle Designer at The Corporation- a company owned by Todd Harris which offers AI enhancements to humans. The AI enhancement process involves implanting a nanochip into a person’s head which allows their brain to learn and grow beyond what humans are capable of naturally. Think of it as having a mini computer living in your head which is continually teaching itself from each new experience or piece of information it learns. All nanochip data is safely recorded and stored at The Corporation and their programmers are constantly creating updates and looking for ways to improve the chip's capabilities. In order to keep your chip functioning you need to plug your head in for several hours a day to fully recharge. When the chip starts to run out of power your brain function slows down. Once you decide to have a nanochip installed it’s impossible to have the expensive operation reversed. There have been few reports of nanochip malfunction but some skeptics can’t believe this is true. *

After ‘the love of her life’ dumped her two years ago Avery hacked the nanochip of her ex-girlfriend rendering her unable to open up to anyone else. She was later discovered by one of her colleagues and got the sack. Even if she wanted to she doesn’t have access to change the code and she’s convinced it messed up her life. A part of her deep down inside, despite the fact that she won’t admit it, wants to find her to ask for forgiveness.

She’s completely shut down emotionally and has detached herself from the world. She's also succumbed to an addiction to Twinkle Dust… a new and highly addictive Escapist drug. She lives alone on a canal boat and when she’s not smoking Twinkle Dust she’s drinking homemade booze she fashions in pickle jars. 

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The Government control everything including News Org which is the only news media outlet available to the people (aside from the underground presses). It’s the amalgamation of multi-billionaire playboy Todd Harris’ many business ventures. He started out by creating an app which would take all the ingredients in your fridge and come up with money-saving recipes- reducing food waste and helping people save money. He was once someone who wanted to develop apps to help better the world and save the environment... but eventually money and power got the best of him. When he began buying up different companies and seeing that he could control the way people live their lives he spiralled out of control. He thrived on the fact that he could control not only how people live and function in their current lives but could control their futures. He could essentially own people by controlling their thoughts, desires, what they wanted to buy, who they wanted to was like the world was his and all of the people his playthings.

However, like most playboys, there came a time when he lost all sense of responsibility. He was partying hard and became so obsessed with owning all the world’s companies he lost sight of his initial purpose. Todd was unstoppable but one thing he couldn’t control were the harsh effects of climate change. The world could finally no longer continue sustaining itself at the rate people had gotten used to consuming. The effects were actually felt by people for the first time and they were harsh. There started to be major power outages which first led to a decrease in food production.

Eventually countries shut down all forms of trade. Isolationism took over and it was every country controlling their own access to energy. Since Todd owned pretty much everything anyway, he eventually bought up The Government. It made sense for the person who controlled the most to take charge. He promised the people he would help he would use his business savvy to save them. They believed his promised. This didn’t happen. He instead created a totalitarian state- the only way he saw the world being able to survive was with complete control over everyone’s life. When people started to revolt against him he started up News Org and banned all other news outlets. It was too dangerous for the people to have access to so much information.

Although Todd is now very old his family and closest cronies continue to run The Government/New Org.