Episode 5

Gen knocks on a door. No answer. Her knocks get desperate, she is convinced the person inside needs her. Avery picks the lock. Gen finds an octogenarian cat lady inside shouting “darling, come in, I didn’t expect you this early.” She clearly has a level of dementia. Gen plays along whilst Avery observes from the sidelines. The old lady reveals she has a cat with whom she shares her last food block and tells them she wishes she could remember her children… So Gen takes some old photos and makes up stories convincing the old lady that these events actually happened, giving her a sense of peace. 

We learn about the preferential treatment of certain age groups by The Government.

Episode 6

The girls explore an underground press. We learn about the extent of the information control by The Government and more alernative theories on the actual plan of the surviving elite.

Episode 7

The girls end up in a cult session. The cult has turned from altruism to a completely self-centred philosophy. The members are starving themselves to feed the leader in the promise of salvation. Gen manages to free two members from their brainwashed state and convinces them to join them on the rest of their mission.