Some predict that in the next 20 years we will have technological devices to control most aspects of our physical and emotional being. The paralysed will be able to dance using their thoughts, people will be able to download their dreams, mobile therapists will monitor our moods and we will be able to regulate which memories we hold on to, even if our mortal minds get brittle, and which ones we delete because they are too painful to keep.

We remember the way our heart or mind wants us to. Our subconscious is constantly rewriting, re-versioning and blurring our memories. 

And there will always be those particular events in our life that we can’t seem push away or cover up with rose-coloured paint. The uninvited memories that haunt us can feel as real as present experiences.

What if you could playback your life as a set of labelled memories? Your experiences broken down and archived.  Which ones would you choose to keep and which ones would you choose to delete?

Avenoir explores this concept through the story of an octogenarian who is trying to reconcile traumatic moments from her past. In our film she relives a romantic love affair, fragmented into the most intense moments, the turbulent emotional landscape of a relationship. Can she finally come to terms with the decisions of her younger self? 

We will tell our story by visually and audibly playing with the senses, blurring the line between what is real and what is imagined. Details are exaggerated, sometimes stepping into the surreal. Our interpretation of what reliving a memory would look like.  

The acting style will capture those intimate, playful and fragile moments- the lines between the lines of a relationship.