OFF explores what might happen if our current political, social and environmental tendencies combined with technological advances are fast forwarded into the future.

Society has become so reliant on seemingly infinite amounts of energy, that we easily ignore the 'power' energy suppliers hold and how rapidly society would decline should those supplies fail. Already today everything grinds to a halt when internet's down for half an hour at work. Now imagine no power for a week... communication systems and GPS down, supermarkets will be empty by week two and transport systems made obsolete. Our dependence on technology for everything we do would mean survival taking on a whole new meaning. 

It is likely someone like Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg could take over leadership in such a situation as the tech giants would by then have our lives, and trust, in their hands. And whilst this person might start off with the best of intentions to create a better society through technological advancements, a natural disaster which heavily reduced energy resources, might lead them to divide what power is left unfairly:  5% enjoying innovation, freedoms and old comforts whilst the other 95% are kept functioning to a basic level, and left in ignorance to avoid an uprising. OFF seeks to explore who the power really belongs to in the future.

We also want to explore what people need psychologically to keep going. What would drive us to push forwards and believe in a meaningful society when there’s a clear end in sight? In a world where we are constantly bombarded by things to make us feel a false sense of purpose do we still have an insatiable desire for true, human contact?

Other themes we touch on are information control and fake news; totalitarian regimes and how in order to survive people will give up a lot of freedoms, the unequal distribution of 'power' and the limits of Artificial Intelligence. 

OFF tackles these themes with a relatable sense of humanity and situational humour. Our characters are flawed and sometimes hapless but determined in their own beliefs. 

Although high concept, this series can be achieved with a mid-range budget. We will utilise urban spaces which already have a dystopian feel and supplement the rest with our talented production design team. We won't rely heavily on CGI by creating most effects in camera. Lighting will play an important role in creating the moods reflected by a society low on energy but still controlled by technology. The mix of abandoned gadgets and repurposed analog devices along with cultish characters and surreal environments will give the series a unique look and feel.