Themes we want to explore. The tone of the show. 

Information/Fake News- how we disseminate it and use it to help us. How false information can destroy us.

Belief in life beyond earth

The human spirit- why we still push forwards and search for meaning when there’s a clear end in sight

Relationships with other people- understanding those who are different from you


Coping with the unknown


Totalitarian State that rations and neglects ‘old’ architecture’ whilst brainwashing citizens to their avail. For survival you will give up a lot of freedoms

Government Surveillance

Coming to terms with yourself- what do these characters need to get to grips with?

Technologies and how we weave these in… Can show the pros and cons. How they help survival and how they helped lead to the destruction. Do they have apps helping them navigate the end of the world? NewsNetwork app is the only news people are allowed.

The limits of Artificial Intelligence - it’s still biased depending on who ‘curated’ the information, plus it depends on electricity (or is it the hope, is it close to figuring out a real alternative energy source?) Who takes advice from AI in this world and who is cynical about it?